Dan Storch joins Bridge Base Online as new Chief Operating Officer

Press Release

Sound the trumpets, we have a big announcement: Dan Storch has joined the BBO team as Chief Operating Officer. He was the Director of Marketing at the ACBL between 2017 and 2020. His wealth of marketing experience spans more than 20 years, working for household names such as Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments and Lexmark.

BBO are thrilled to welcome Dan on-board and are excited to have a leader who’s both bridge and business savvy. It’s a perfect match. In his free time Dan plays board games with his sons, cycles, enjoys a nice glass of red and has been a keen BBOer for over 12 years!

“Online play is the way to make bridge more accessible, especially to younger generations who don’t have time to enjoy live clubs. I’m also keen to work on other mind games for those who want a challenge but can’t yet commit to learning bridge. It’s an honor to use my professional experience to bring more people into the game.”

“I learned how to play bridge as a kid. We didn’t have any bridge clubs near home, so my dad decided to teach all his sons, hopeful he could fill a table for a decent rubber game. Later, while attending college, it was my turn to teach the basics
to some classmates. Who would imagine,
back then, that one of those friends would end up being Brazilian champion in 2016? (Disclosure: I didn’t teach him to play that well!)”

BBO, a company of the 52 Entertainment group

Born from the award-winning Bridge Master 2000 software series, the free online bridge website Bridge Base Online (BBO) was launched in 2001 to become the most popular bridge platform on the market. BBO contains a complete set of products to meet the needs of bridge teachers and serious or occasional bridge players. It’s available in 29 languages and is the world’s leading Bridge app with:

  • 3.8 million deals played every day
  • 200,000+ players per day
  • More than 180 countries represented

52 Entertainment is the ultimate holding company of BBO, Goto Games, Funbridge, Le Bridgeur and China Bridge Online, making it the world’s uncontested leader in bridge entertainment and software. Our goal is to further expand the universe of bridge players by providing them with entertaining and fun options to play and follow bridge!

“I can’t describe how happy I am to welcome Dan into the 52 Entertainment family. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him on many occasions and can safely say that not only is he a very nice person but also that he’s the right person to help us achieve our ambitious vision!”

For more information please get in touch via pr@52-entertainment.com[1]

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